macaroons oooooooooooons


Slash food has corrupted me on thinking I need macaroons. Man they look awesome. I was all like “I so need to make those fu#$rs cuz they look aweseome. Then I was like “oh wait, I am a cooker and Theresa is the baker”. So I used my secret powers to send her a link and say “make that”. And she was all like “MMmmmmm…., OK”.

So here we are. We looked at some websites and all seemed really complicated and Theresa looked in her trusty bakers book and found an easy recipe. She messed with it a bit and made some simple macaroons.
This was phase 1 of our first steps into macaroon thunderdome. Just wanted to see what they taste like.

They taste like almond heaven. I have no recipe and will not type it out. There is much better to come beeeeeeeetches 😉




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