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Don’t think just cuz I gots lots of money I will give you taco flavored kisses honey


Theresa suggested tacos for dinner and I got a hankering to mix up mix, mix up the mess.
(6-1-2 wharf avenue)

I made the guac, heated some black beans, corn torts, sour cream and used some smoked chicken for the meat. I wanted to make it as different as I could while playing with some variations I have seen at some mex restaurants. Almost carnitas with chicken.

For the chicken I used some chicken meat I had gotten off a smoked chicken and made up a spicy broth for it to soak up the goodness.
Asked for some help on the forum..

Ended up using chicken broth to hold some onion, garlic, red and green cayenne peppers, chile powder,and a sorrono pepper. Brought it to a boil and added the loosely chopped chicken to suck up the juices. By the end the chicken was spicy as heck and full of flavor in a shred like form.




used the guac and other fixings to make up the first burrito. Of course some if you dare salsa to top it off.

This is #1


This is all three. #1 is on the left. #2 was without lettuce and cheese (my favorite). #3 is like a taco rito and was my least favorite. An experiment this was for sure.


All were still really good. Theresa made her regular tacos and was happy. All the flavors in mine were amazing. The smoke was an after taste. The chicken was well spiced after I let the spicy liquid penetrate the chicken. The sour cream and guac cooled down the spice. It was delicious. Next time I will work in a green chile sauce and some tomatoes.

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