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lazy sunday

see them two dots in the water. That be Maggie and Fuggles. I use a tennis racket to get the ball way out there. This would be Fuggles second time at Oak lake. She is faster than Maggie who used to be the best. They smell funny. I got Fuggles out on a run along the salt creek levee trail to wear her out a bit before we went to the lake.

After the lake we dropped off the soggie dogs and headed to 9th street chargrill. We got a burger and fries. The place looks really nice, it has cloth napkins and table cloths. Our burger was average, the fries were pretty good. Their menu looks pretty neat. Simple, but some good items. We just split a burger and will check out other things some other time.

9th street chargrill

Then a 4 hour nap. Oh man it was awesome. Woke up and watched episode 19 of heroes. I gotta say thanks so much to the internets for providing the episodes we did not have DVR’d. Made some home made cheseburger macaroni. Guess what I added to make it more nummy 😉

cheeseburger macoroni

Watched all the remaining heroes episodes. Man now we have to wait like normal people. Decided to filter out my infusion. It tastes awesome. The fruit juices really mellowed out the 100 proof vodka. I was pretty afraid of my first sip, but it was really good. Defiantly gonna try it again.

infused vodka

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