just one star to go on SMG

Ugh… so over the weekend I spent a little time trying to complete Super Mario Galaxy. Each level you complete you get a star. After 60 stars you can go save Princess Peach which is purdy much beating the game, but you can keep going and so some crazy levels and many are really tough. 120 is the total number of stars you can get, I have 119. 15 purple coin galaxies show up. All involve getting 100 purple coins. Sometimes there are only 100 so you have to scour the galaxy for each one. Sometimes there are 150 purple coins and you are timed.

This is the last one I need, and it is a doozy. The green pieces disappear if you touch them, and the yellow ones flip. So you have to plan your route well. I wasted about 30 tries before I found a few vids on the internets. It seems I have been going the wrong way. Also the super long jump is a bit tricky. The peep in the vid is really good.

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