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good thing I am not feeling stabby


Theresa got me a bunch of knives for xmas. A 6 inch chef knife and a 14 piece kitchenaid set for normal use. Oh and a pretty cool book. Knife Skills Illustrated has some pretty good info in it. The first part of the book is all about selecting a good knife and how to keep it in good working order. I found it very informative. I had all my knives out to compare them. just the little things really made sense after reading the first part of the book. The kitchenaid chef knife has all the right features.


The book is pretty detailed as to things you would cut in a kitchen. Theresa likes that each thing has a full right handed technique followed by the left hand. The pictures are pretty good, but I am more of a visible learner. i searched for some youtubes and was shocked to see folks doing stuff not how this guy tells you to do it. I guess we all learn our own ways.

I am working on getting my chopping down good. The knife never looses contact with the board and I feed the stuff through. My cuts are far from even, but I am getting used to the feel of it.

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