Jones soda pure cane sugar cream soda, now with bacon :)

full size pic Thanks once again to cornfused. (dude register so you can post crap)


so I picked one of these up while shopping for a good T bone friday at ideal.
I was actually blown away by how fricking awesome it tasted. The cap was almost locked on by the sugar crystal stickiness of it. Seriously it was the first time I had ever experienced a soda tasting so good. The sweetness was a bit over the top, but it was a sweetness I have not experienced from a soda. The cream soda flavor (vanilla) actually took a back seat to the awesome sweetness of the cane sugar.

It was so good I treated it like a bottle of booze. I would only take sips and screw the cap back on and jam it in the fridge. The empty bottle is still in the fridge to remind me to go and get more.

Jones sodas are severely over priced, but this 99 cent bottle was completely worth it. They offer many other cane sugar sodas and well diet dew is getting kicked to the fricking curb. Jones you rule.

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