Jesco White is a character

Jesco White
from a SCS post

Quite an interesting fella.

* “And I took the butcher knife and put up to her neck. I said if you want to live to see tomorrow, you better start frying them eggs a little better than what you frying. I’m tired of eating sloppy, slimy eggs.”

* “You’re gonna go to bed alright, you’re gonna go to bed in a coffin!”

* “…Cuz all I want is good honest dancin’, and people to enjoy their selves.”

* “Anyone will say anything under the influence of madness.”

* “Yeah, I’ve threatened your life a many a time to get your mouth to shut up. I mean I’ve told you I’d blow your brains plumb into that river bank over there just to get you to quit arguing and trying to get ahead of me.”

* “Marriage is a wonderful thing, but you get a lot of little things with it. It’s not perfect. But they’s love in it, they’s happiness in it, but there’s also sorrow, hatred and madness in it.”

* “I got a double super buzz.”

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