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Jeanne Ann McClymont – RIP

Man this one really hurts. What a bummer year it has been.

Forum post

She always called me Esteban and had a hug waiting.
Watching her cute little shuffle to the foul line at bowling filled me with joy.
Her subtle hints to me about a booger hanging from my nose at a show. Turned out she did not know I have a septum piercing. She was cool enough to let you know if you had a booger hanging.
Gonna miss her so much.

The memorial service for Jeanne will be Saturday June 14th, 3pm;
at St Matthew’s Episcopal Church
2325 S 24th St
Lincoln, NE 68502

EDIT: Her obit and guest book on LJS

Memorials in lieu of flowers to Capital Humane Society, 2320 Park Boulevard, Lincoln, NE 68502

That is a really cool thing to do.

EDIT 2: Eric left some fine words over on the forum

Thanks, all of you, for so many kind words and funny stories; fitting tributes to an amazing and singular person. It’s said so often at a time like this, but Jeanne truly was unlike anyone I have ever met or am likely to meet. Jeanne lived life on her terms and never did anything she didn’t want to do. She left this world with no regrets and with no gift left un-given and she lived more in 38 years then most of us will if we live to see 100. She was the smartest person I have ever known and made me smarter just by being near me and I had to keep up or be hopelessly lost and left behind in her wake of ideas. Sitting here in the house, I see her everywhere, in everything; there isn’t a facet of my life she hasn’t touched and made better. She never let me off easily. She never let me pass a stranded motorist or a homeless person in need of a meal or a stray dog who needed to get home. It was never enough to just watch the world turn; we had to know it, inside and out, and make it better. This was our responsibility, the cost of admission to the Jeanne Universe, as she called it where everyone had the capacity to be noble whether they knew it or not. I paid gladly, every day; there never was such a ride before and never will be again.

Thanks again, everyone and thank you, Jeanne; every moment was a beautiful gift,

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