I’m sailing away on a boat of graaaaavy


Sheeeeeeeeet iffin you don’t know Theresa loves gravy, well…. A roast chicken aint bad either.

Theresa got that blue gravy boat as a present. My little lady loves her gravy. We had been serving our gravy in a pyrex measuring cup for years. I feel darn civilized now. “Wilhelm, tipsy toodle the wickersham for this eves tomfooleries, do not tallydunkins the gravy boat”.

Oh, to roast a chicken we have a roasting pan and I cover the bottom with foil shiny side down so it acts like an oven when I put it in the grill with both sides on high (grill not too badass, might do well with med for a good grill). Jam a probe in the season rubbed bird and get it pert near 160 degrees F. Spices: salt, pepper, garlic, Misty’s, cayenne, and some crushed bay leaf.

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