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if you are awaiting an iphone through AT&T’s direct fulfillment here is some stuff. (UPDATED)

UPDATE4: ha ha they worked around the captcha
New order status script
ALl links will be updated

UPDATEIII: Looks like at&t has added a captcha to the order status page. Scripts will not be working anymore 🙁

UPDATE: looks like AT&T changed their order status page to shut down the scripts that tell you where you are at in line. Oh well 🙁

The scripts work once again 🙂

Oh man there is a huge thread on the AT&T forums about direct fulfillment that I have been following for days.
I have learned so much from them and wanted to share.

Direct fulfillment is how you get an iphone from AT&T. You order one through the AT&T store from apple. It is up to apple to decide who gets what, not the AT&T store. Stores with more biz get more DF iphones. The AT&T stores are not getting shipments of iphones that folks can walk right in and buy, only filling DF orders.

You can always check the apple site to see if an apple store near you will have iphones in stock the following day after 9PM each night. There is a really good possibility that you will score an iphone quicker if you wait in line at an apple store when you know they will have stock in. For the rest of us we can at least snoop on what AT&T stores are getting.

Some discounts and other restrictions might require folks to go through AT&T, like me. I can get a discount on my plan, not the iphone hardware, because I am a government employee. Military is also another way to get a discount. From what I know, you have to go through AT&T to get the discounts.

OK, so there are tools out there on the web that can let you see all the orders put in at a specific AT&T store. You enter in a order number range and the zip code of the store, not your own zip code, and it will let you see all the info on others orders just from the information you can get from the normal order status page sent to you by AT&T when you ordered an iphone.

Currently the best one out there right now is the herebedragons script

Click here and choose simple or advanced.
Following instructions is for advanced.

1st box: enter the zip code of the store you ordered from. [Find zipcode here]

2nd box: Enter in your order number (on reciept, or can be found through the AT&T order status page) or a general order number about 50 lower than yours

3rd box: an ending order number a good 20 or so after your order number.

4th box: the captcha

OK so you need to work the order numbers going lower or higher on either side to get a range that will show you the orders that went through your store.
– look for the order date. the first ones are gonna be starting at 07/11/08 and go further past your order if you want more info.
– Pretty soon you will have a range you like to check like a mad man even though it only gets updated a few times a day if that.

– keep in mind that not all of these orders are for iphones. We talking other phones, accessories, etc.. that would of been ordered through AT&T. SO when you see discrepancies of folks getting stuff before you even though they ordered later don’t freak.
– If you see a “Or ATT server is slow….”, it could be some failure of retrieving data, a completely borked transaction that used up an order number, or whatever. If you want figure those into your queue #
– This is not an exact science at all. It is there to let you peek into the goings on at your store.

The original one who prob wrote the script has been blocked. It had some cool info on it though. has a nifty program to convert files for iphones. The site did host the first queue program as far as I know.
You can now go there and grab the script and host it yourself. Or get an exe to run it on your PC. Either work great.

Another site that does basically the same thing is
currently it is offline. I hear it does that every now and then.
Cool thing was it did an aggregate of all stores and had percentages of shipped by model.

Just summary from tues morning (07/22/08)
White 16gb around 58% shipped as DF’d
8gb black 22% shipped as DF’d
16gb black21% shipped as DF’d

It had tons of stats including orders shipped by order date.
Lets hope it comes back.
Please visit their main site though

As far as the back ordered stuff. It means diddly when you see it change. Seriously just give it up. When your phone is shipped it will give you a tracking #
Consensus says that when an ATT warehouse gets an order in it clears the backorder status on all orders till they sort out who gets what and then the back ordered status for those who are not getting their DF currently gets reset. Quit refreshing to see if the backordered status changes and get back to work: It means nothing.

So queue #:
If you master how to check via the queue.php script it will give you a number. That is your supposed place in line. Read into it what you will.

It all comes down to patience folks. You will get yours eventually. Swears.

So to end this I will leave you with the most important links from above

The main AT&T forum page dealing with DF’s

Check your apple store after 9PM every night for stock the next day

AT&T order status site

wheres my darn iphone queue.php script to see what your store is at shipping wise

New queue checker

Good luck

Digg or reddit it iffin you will.

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