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big day for KittyThunkle


Little fella has grown up so fast. Seems like just yesterday he was using his sharp teeth and claws to cause me pain. Oh wait it was yesterday. He is 6 + pounds now and can hold his own pretty well with Fuggles when they play. Maggie really does not care about KT and barks at him when she is mad, but causes no harm. Sometimes the play gets a bit rough so we were worried about leaving them alone together for more than an hour or so at a time. I have been locking Thunks up in the bedrooms before work and after lunch daily. Thunks gets kinda irked about it and I have been pushing to let them try to survive alone for a while now. Theresa finally agreed this morning. He is gonna be so happy sprawled out on his table by the window.

Go Thunks, go! Make papa proud.

UPDATE: Thunks was alive and sleeping in the bike trailer when Theresa made it home for lunch. He will go free in the mornings, but not afternoons through next week. After that he gonna get free range except for the bedrooms like how the dogs do. The dogs like to tear up books and stuff in the bedrooms so we close the doors when gone. Then it is on to toilet training. That should be fun.

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