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I know you guys are like OMG BorK has not updated us on his pets like for a week. So here you go.


Phase 1 of robofuggles is complete, she got a chip. Bottle opener is next 😉

Thunks is going outside with the pups a few times a day now. He plays and has fun. He knows he has it good so we are not too worried. Coming in when called still needs a bit of work. Thunks is current on all his shots for a year. he makes really strange noises at the vet. Asked the vet how big he is gonna get. She said he has a small head so 10 pounds prob. Said if they have a big wide head when small they will turn out to be large cats.

The Jamaica north trail paving is going pretty good. They have a few blocks done and Theresa joined Fuggles and I for a test ride on the trail. It was fun.

Theresa makes doggie soup that supplements their dinner. Well now Thunks is getting kitty soup too. He likes it so much that he hardly eats his dry food breakfast.

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