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I fought the law and won


So last week I was the only vehicle in a row of cars that got a ticket. I figured it was a parking over 2 hours in a 2 hour spot ticket. $10 that I have paid many times. Did not look at it, put it in my pocket and was gonna pay online after I got paid. Well Fuggles got into my pocket and chewed it up. I put the tattered remains on my puter desk and figured I would just enter in my license plate # later and pay it that way.

Well friday was kinda a bummer for Theresa and she grabbed the mail and saw it was a $100.00 ticket for not having the tags on the truck. I opened up the glove compartment of the truck and saw the stickers and registration in the glove box. I will get it taken care of monday. Well I went down to the city attorney after lunch and they dropped it.

This is not the first time this has happened. The first we simply forgot to register the car, got a ticket, I went and registered the car, and headed down to the city attorney which they dropped as well. So see what you can do when you get a ticket next time.

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