I finally got my new kicks


Once again I bought second pair of the shoes I like. Nice work worthy birkenstock dress shoes. My previous pair had cracked on the sole after 2 years and I had been using duct tape to keep water from seeping in. These retail for around $240 and that is a bit too much to pay for shoes, even if they last for years. So I headed to ebay and got a really good deal from a seller I had used before.

click4you2 is an uber ebay seller of the birkenstock family of products. Jan had emailed me about 3 weeks after I ordered wondering if I had received them yet. I had not. I told her not to worry cuz it takes a while for me for some reason. Well after a while she just sent another pair via airmail and I got them today. Really killer customer service and I have dry socks now.

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