happy birfday aluminum can


Beer drinkers around the globe can hoist their beer cans in a celebratory toast to a milestone that began in Golden half a century ago. Today marks the 50th anniversary of the old Adolph Coors Co. unveiling the U.S. beer industry’s first seamless, recyclable aluminum beer can.

That can ultimately spelled the demise of the tin beverage can developed in the mid-1800s. Industry officials say the development of the Coors aluminum can forever changed the way people drink beer and other beverages.

It also opened a new market for sheet aluminum and, eventually, for aluminum recycling.

“The aluminum can that Coors developed provided an impetus to do recycling,” said Chester Van Tyne, professor of metalworking at the Colorado School of Mines.

“It’s a significant step forward in packaging in general,” he added. “The aluminum can that Coors developed is now being used for other food products like tuna fish and canned vegetables.”

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