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ham, cheese, chicken roll with basil cheese cream sauce


Been wanting to make a chicken cordeon bleu sort of thing. Theresa was kinda skeptical so I tried to make it a bit more like something she would want. Figured I would skip the breading and make my usual basil, garlic, cheese sauce on some noodles and have the rolled chicken as the meat.

Headed to Hy-Vee to pick up a couple chicken breasts. Only needed two so I just hit the deli. $5.99 for two breasts I just figured it was the fancy HV ripping me off. Picked up some provolone and prosciutto to make the chix rolls.

Opened up the chix breasts and was blown away buy how huge they were. I knew two regular ones might be too much, but these were so huge I found out just one would be too much. This was the Dolly Parton of chickens.

not sure if the pic really shows the size. I put a reg soup can and my knife in the pic to show how huge that thing was.

Pounded tha crap out of it and sprinkled some basil, salt, and pepper on the flattened mass.



Picked the fat off the pork and lightly layered on 3/4ths of the smooshed meat.


some cheese


rolled it up into a monster log and secured it with toothpicks. Held together with wrap and chilled in the fridge


chopped up some garlic. I cut off the root part, smash the paper coated cloves under the knife, and chop it up.


used some of my clarified butter in my stainless skillet with some garlic in it to brown the outsides of the chicken log. It did not work very well. The chicken stuck to the steel bad and I gave up and threw it in the oven with a probe to watch the temp. Next time I will use a non stick skillet to brown it before it goes on the oven.




Made up my sauce. Melted butter, sauted some garlic in there, added some flour for a runny roux, added milk, cheeses, sun dried tomatoes, and some dried basil.





Chicken hit 165


linguine into the sauce


Pulled the toothpicks out



Not too bad, but not spectacular. Just not enough of everything. A better sauce or breading it and going all cordeon would of been better. We learned.


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