bunnies or leaves?

Theresa picked up some uber Charmin plop plop machine paper a week or so ago. It is simply amazing how much a quality restroom tissue can enhance dookie time. I feel like royalty using fine linen. Like the king of the jungle with a rabbit dispenser. I can put up with the stuff at work, butt (he he) when I am on my throne I must be treated like a king.

Although our bathroom is small and in need of a serious remodel, my Eljer elongated bowl is a place where I get stuff done. The john is the only place I read books. I have gone through basically all of the bathroom readers, lots of joke books, some political crap, and currently I am reading the Colbert book. There is nothing like an elongated bowl to set the mind at ease. Ain’t no wang touching the cold porcelain, one can sit back and be free to let go.

I am quite happy with the ultra Charmin, butt I think I am going to look into designer / premium tissue in the near future. Mr. Whiffle, I will make you proud.

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