guyotdesigns firefly water bottle light/lantern

guyotdesign firefly eater bottle light/lantern

This thing is cool. Posted it to a long time ago when the concept was out. Well I got me one of them. Pretty darn cool I must say.

I am pretty impressed with the design, it is better than I expected. The vid does not do it justice, it lit up my whole room oh purdy good. Gonna come in handy on the fall/winter rides when we stop to rest and do not want to burn the headlights. It has a neato tether that can either secure it to the bottle it is attached to (works with naglene and many other wide mouth water bottles) or to hang from something. Works good upside down as well.

It takes 3 aaa batteries and is able to dim to whatever level you prefer. A simple design that works perfectly.

Manufactures site

base gear, where I got it from. Recieved it in 3 days, wow.

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