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got some info out of the Le Quartier guy and made some yummy crackling bread

At the Haymarket beerfest I talked with the Le Quartier guy about some issues I was having. My biggest problem is during the second rising I get issues with the dough sticking to anything it touches. The no knead bread is very wet. I tried a very floured up tea towel with flour on top. When it rose gooey bits stuck to the towel. I heard wheat bran works, but did not like the taste. I just ended up using a bunch of flour which would build up a white crust that took a bit of work to scrape off. Pic below.

I hoped to get some good info from the Le Quartier guy and waited a bit to ask. He was glad to share the secrets I needed. First on the second rising no cling wrap. It needs to breathe a bit since it is so wet. But the real trick is to use rice flour to keep it from sticking to stuff. I got some white rice flour and it seemed like a really fine sand. When the loaf came out it was not crusted with the flour and you can hear the crust crackling while it cooled down. When it cooled enough I was able to wipe the little bit of flour sticking to it off with my hand. It was good.


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