garlic bread rules

I have been making this garlic bread since I was tit high to a knee mouse. Pretty basic.
– wonder bread
– super thin layer of softened butter
– super thin layer of kraft grated parm cheese.
– garlic powder
– fresh grated parm cheese
– parsley
– garlic salt
Toast in oven for a bit, then broil to get it slightly browned. I make T’s with more garlic powder and less garlic salt. She also does not like hers browned as much.

How do you make garlic bread?

I do make many other kinds though.

The soggy loaf
– French or Italian bread sliced about 1 inch thick
– butter with minced garlic, some garlic powder and salt softened
Slather one side of each piece and recreate the loaf, wrap in foil for the oven or the grill
— good but too much butter

Wannabe Fizollis bread stix
– brown and serve breadstix
– butter with minced garlic, some garlic powder and salt melted
Make a foil boat / tray and pour the melted mixture over stix and put in oven.
— good but too much butter and breadstix are not the best tasting.

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