early morning weekend rides

So this would be the third or so early bike ride of the year. We were supposed to meet up at 7:30 but got started a bit later. It was Sunday and the trail treck thing was going on so we decided to avoid the main paved trails around town. headed out to Pioneers and did the trail loop.

Rode around some more and headed to El Ranchero for lunch. I was a bit low on funds and did not want too big of a meal. I got T4 tres tacos, pollo. I was expecting something a bit different. It was soft corn tortillas, chicken, cilantro, and a ton of tiny onion bits. I am no fan of onions. It was alright, but kind of ruined me on the place. I would try it again if someone wanted to go there though.

Went home and got a good nap in. naps rule.

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