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for personal backups of DVD’s

When I pay a premium price for a neatly packaged easily damaged DVD I would like to be able to make a backup of said DVD for my use just like I do with all of my CD’s. Apparently some big wigs balk at my legal right to do that. Well lucky for us some 8 year old in sweeden can always crack the protection before he is done with his toaster strudel.

dvdshrink is purdy darn good but sometimes you need something more powerful. That is where DVDfab and free DVD come in. find them here

Mr bass has a tutorial but it is a little out of date. Basically if DVDshrink errors out, open DVDfab and select copy complete DVD, send the whole 4-9 gig to a folder, then run free DVD on the videoTS folder and then open shrink up and instead of opening disk, open the videoTS folder and it will work fine.

*Not responsible for killing puppies, getting your daughter pregnant, making kids cry, or your illegal copying of DVD’s*

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