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From the good comments over at lincolnite dealing with auto repair I headed to Economy & Performance Wednesday. I needed a new muffler and had grown tired of getting a cheap one that only lasts a couple years. I figured it would be a good way to get in and check our E&P. I also had them check two other things and give me an estimate.

When I called to make the appointment I spoke with Kevin who recommended that I get a genuine Honda part for a couple reasons, but the real reason was longevity of the quality part. Sure I could of gotten another cheapo, but I do not plan on getting a new one any times soon. I was impressed and am looking forward to having them work on my vehicles in the near future.

The new muffler is awesome. So quiet and seems like the car is running much better with the correct back pressure. Gonna have to get Theresa some black leather racing gloves.

So after vacation I have now gotten two major things out of the way. The garage door, and now the muffler. I still need to get a construction dumpster to clean out my garage, but I am saving for a new processor for my home PC. I gots to go dual core and am tired of being slow.

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