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dog proof cooking utensils and a fanchy grater

We have a bit of a problem. Fuggles is one long doggie with an amazing reach. She is free to roam the house when we are gone and has done a bit of damage to some of the stuff in our kitchen. She loves to get our spoons, spatulas, and any other cooking thing. She destroyed my old grill spatula which was metal, she broke the weld and chewed up the handle. Picked some nice metal ones which should be safe if she gets them again. I mean sure I could put them away, but that would be so much work.

We go through a bit of cheese and I have never really liked the pre shredded stuff. I have tried a bunch of different shredders and well most suck. The box shredder is prob the best, but it is a bit hard to clean. On the food porn channel many of them folk use microplane graters. I got one for hard cheeses, it is the smaller grating size. The thing is beautiful and very well made. The metal is molded into the plastic housing and there is no chance it is gonna harbor stuff in the crevaces. The handle is rubberized and very sturdy. The grating surface is really interesting, and looks like it has razor blades for teeth. It could do some major damage I bet. I have only used it with parmesan and it is pretty interesting. I can shave the cheese so thin it is transparent or push a bit harder and get some good and thick shreds. I plan on getting the larger shred version as well.

Got a new gadget today as well. Unfortunately I could not use it today cuz it needs to be in the freezer for 15 hours. Will post about it tomorrow.

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