creamy chicken pancetta pasta


you know that show with the playboy girls next door. They are in Italy eating there and the gangster one says “its good, but it is not Olive Garden.” Well that would explain this meal. Olive Garden might be a crappy chain, but dam they make some really awesome pasta dishes. I usually get a chicken pasta with a creamy sauce and other crap in it. Pretty much every pasta dish I make is trying to be like them. I am not ashamed to admit it. But it never comes even close 🙁

So this attempt pretty much was pulled from nowhere. I was looking through recipes from Elise and saw this one. I figured I could mess with it a bit and get something awesome out of it. My plan was use the pancetta, some lightly dredged chicken, garlic, chicken stock, a touch of wine, and some medium cream to make a sauce to go over pasta. Long story short there was just not enough flavor. It was a thick creamy goop that was meh…. I guess with some other ingredients mixed in I could of kicked it up, but I doubt I will try again.










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