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Sugary Candy Looks Too Much Like Street Drugs, Cops Say

Philadelphia narcotics officers are upset that a candy made by Hershey looks like crack cocaine.

The cops say the packages of breath mints look almost identical to drugs sold on the street.

Critics say Ice Breakers Pacs look too much like tiny heat-sealed bags of illegal powdered drugs, like crack or heroin.

Hershey released a statement that says in part, “the product is clearly labeled with product identification, ingredients and nutritional information and is clearly branded and icebreakers item. The Ice Breakers logo appears on each individual mint for easy identification.”
Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector William Blackburn says he’s been in narcotics for most of his career and thought the pouches were the real thing.

Ice Breakers are nickel-sized mint strips sealed around a powdered sweetener that dissolve in the mouth.

A company spokesman would not say if the company has plans to change the product’s appearance.

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