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About fricking time We made it through 3 episodes last night. It felt like spending a bunch of money on payday. They do not have the Xmas episode on there, but at least we can clear up the DVR a bit now.

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Don’t blink

We are slowly easing ourselves off Doctor Who with only a couple episodes to see before the season continues on the 27th.

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finally made it to the 11th doctor

We are big Doctor Who fans now. We made it through over 50 episodes now. It is crazy because each one is almost an hour long. It is a really fun show and.

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Dr Who is pretty cool

We have been watching some shows that are new to us on netflix and decided to get in on the Dr Who reboot. Normally I cannot stand listening to those folk murder our language, but the show is good enough to keep me watching.

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the cooking channel: taco vending machines

Seems the food network is starting a new channel featuring grittier, edgier, more extreeeeeeme food shows. Seems these guys are going to build a taco vending machine.

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minute to win it

Minute to win it is awesome. I was giggling through both hours. It looks like so much fun. I am so going to try and become a contestant.

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Funny or die presents previews

Katrina sent some clips to me. I am pretty excited for this series starting feb 19th on HBO. These are teasers really, but gives you an idea of what it will be like.. Just 3 Boyz Designated Driver: Office Prank Drunk History

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Funny or Die presents series on HBO

Trailer HBO

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