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CAT | Rocket Fizz

Finally made it back to Rocket Fizz and they have a lot of new stuff in. I picked up two flavors of Squamscot sodas, half and half and fruit bowl. The half and half is similar to a squirt and is half grapefruit and half lemon. It was lightly flavored and decent. The fruit bowl […]

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Rocket Fizz on Star City Blog

Article Photo by Dana Ludvik Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shop specializes in selling novelty (and nearly forgotten) candies and soda pop in every flavor. It is the kind of place you can visit on a cold, dreary October day, and leave with a little spring in your step. Whether you’re young or old, […]

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fukola cola

Well the Rocket Fizz site is getting there. Damien said this was one of his favorite sodas ATM. It is a decent cola, but not as strong as others. It really lets the other cola flavors shine. I quite enjoyed it and think it is worth a try if you are willing. EDIT: after a […]

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Doctor Dublin

Made my third trip to Rocket Fizz and picked up a 12 pack. Most of it was stuff Theresa likes, but a few things for me. The Doctor Dublin intrigued me because I was wondering which way they were going to go. I was guessing it would be a Dr Pepper clone, but held out […]

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Oh Judge Wapner, your root beer is….. well i don’t want to be judgmental…. but average. I mean it is good, but I think I will continue my quest for a killer one. Bawls is the best energy drink I have ever tasted. Hardly any nasty flavor and was close to a lemon lime soda. […]

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I had to try these and found them down at Rocket Fizz. They were horrific. I did not crunch down on it, just let is rape my tongue for about 10 seconds. Blech……

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Kutztown Birch Beer

Like cracking the lid off heaven and sniffing. Birch is so close to root beer most peeps would never know a difference. Kutztown absolutely slays with this birch beer. So creamy and strong. There is yucca in it to help the head and man it is rich in flavor. My fave from Rocket Fizz so […]

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Made a second trip to Rocket Fizz yesterday and got 9 more sodas and some candy. Still working through the first batch of sodas, but nice to have a fridge packed with new stuff. Dublin Dr Pepper comes in a cute little 8 ounce bottle and uses cane sugar. It is refreshing and pretty good. […]

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