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the cuisinart TOB-195 is an uber toaster oven


We use our toaster oven pert near 90% over the regular oven. It is so convenient, fast, and keeps the whole house from heating up. Our old one was a cheap toastmaster with the dumbest controls I have ever seen on an appliance, but it worked good. The convection fan gave out a month or so ago and then the bottom heaty thingers stoped working and it was done. Soggy totinos pizza is not very good.

We decided to not mess around when finding a replacement. First stop was target and BB&B websites. Found a few that could of worked, but after reading reviews we kept looking. Theresa headed to BB&B for some stuff and took pics of each toaster oven and their info cards. I started doing more research online of the ones she found. We had 3 things that were absolutely necessary.

1. broil function. To make the best garlic bread I find this necessary. I have a system and it works well. Also often you just want to get a bit of extra browing on something and broil is where it is at.
2. convection / fan bake. It really makes a difference and we loved that feature on the dead one.
3. good reviews. Yeah I know it is not actually a feature, but I want to hear normal folk lay it out there.

The cuisinart TOB-195 is a higher range toaster oven with some nice functionality and stellar reviews online. The amazon reviews rated it as being uber awesome. The only negative reviews were because it gets hot on the outside and because some of the outsidey parts are not actually stainless steel.

I did some extensive testing using probe thermometers and found it to have a really good accuracy. It fluctuates by 25 degrees, which is noted in the manual, but stayed close to the set temp most of the time. There is a probe built into the inside top wall that monitors the temp. This has actually thrown off my usual methods because it does not fluctuate wildly like the old one. I burned a pizza and have had to learn how to do my garlic bread all over again. The peppercorn steaks took much longer because the oven was actually at 250 and not something higher. We never really toasted bread in the old one because it would take too long. This thing heats up so fast and makes toast in 2.5 minutes and it comes out perfect.

It is quite a well built little thing. It is light and does feel a little flimsy on the sides and back because of the metal and plastic. the crumb tray is pretty lame which was a bummer. It slides out the back and is pretty thin metal. The broiling pan and its bottom are made of very rigid metal. It is very well made. it does heat up on the outsides quite a bit, but nothing to worry about. The touch pad is easily to use and wipe down.

We very much likey and think the price is fair for such a quality piece of kitchen equip that we will use the heck out of.


the old dead one


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