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Al Bundy stumping for Obama

I am not joking when I say that my idol in life is Al Bundy. We have all the seasons on DVD and the bedroom DVR is filled with MWC which lulls me to sleep nightly. I did my final speech in college on him. Article Barack Obama Friday found a novel way to appeal […]

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srry but this was too good. i swear i will put up some pictures of cats or something. Little Bill O’Reilly Tells It Like It Is – Watch more free videos

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that political post

Homer tries to vote for Obama Register to vote here Site has a picture of Jessica Alba bound if that sort of thing turns you on. Deadline to register here in Nebraska is October 24th. I registered at a show at Lincoln Calling. Switched back to a fence sitting independent. Check to see if […]

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Cracked has some good ones

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SNL Palin and Hillary

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truth hurts

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That was one fine speech last night.

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He is a bit too truthful to have made it, but he pulls no punches. Loved this speech. It was short and to the point, just like him. Wake up America.

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