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lump charcoal chimney steak was fun

Alton Brown style I got the lump charcoal rocking in the chimney and placed it over a mediocre rib eye. The heat was just insane. You can see it in the vid above with the bricks of the grill glowing red. It sizzled like it was being hit by a jet engine. 90 seconds per […]

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oven ribs came out great

I decided to give oven baked ribs a try and am very glad I did. I used this method from Munchies. They came out great and it was almost too easy. I did not let the rub sit on the ribs overnight, they went right into the oven after I put the rub on. I […]

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mini Rhodes roll pizzas

I picked up stuff to make pizzas for lunches. Theresa suggested I try making them with Rhodes dinner rolls. Rolled them as thin as possible, poked with a fork do avoid bubbles, and pre baked the crusts a bit. Had a chunk of broken pizza stone in the toaster oven. They came out great. On […]

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Cheese ravioli lasagna

Theresa garlic twists too

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We have been using Rhodes frozen breads often lately. On their site they have ideas for pizza crusts. The thin pepperoni and melted cheese did not provide much structure, so it was thin and flat, but it was really good. Next time we will use some sausage and more cheese.

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taking pudding pops up a notch

I picked up some long skinny bags to make pudding pops from Amazon after searching for popsicle molds. I now mix in cool whip and sometimes vanilla beans in some flavors. Banana with some vanilla bean insides in there is amazing.

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