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Lots of folk do and it is such a mix of awesomeness from local and all around folk. It is a good problem to have. I post on Thursdays weekly at Good Problem, but I recommend visiting daily 😉

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I just like it thanks jschwa

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Theresa IM’d me while I was working late and said Chris had dropped off a present for me. (05:22:01 PM) Jeeeeves: West A dad brung u a gift (05:22:18 PM) Jeeeeves: a sack of….. (05:22:27 PM) Jeeeeves: CHACO TACOS!!!!!!!!!!! (05:22:34 PM) beerorkid: nuh uh (05:22:39 PM) Jeeeeves: totally (05:22:58 PM) Jeeeeves: i didn’t get to […]

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Lincoln Green Scene

Our mission is to put individuals, organizations and businesses together to make Lincoln, Nebraska the greenest city in the USA! Pretty cool community site where you load up photos, converse in the forums, and such. Check it out. Lincoln Green Scene

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You might recognize the barber 😉 Aaron has some cool video blogging going on over at his youtube channel.

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Looks pretty good.

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Even though their website was like all cool and stuff by wining awards and stuff, they were like “lets kick it up a notch yo”. The new launched yesterday.

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west A dad has blog

It looks like he is grilling some spicy pork

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