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LJS article The site Theresa built that program and it went live a few days ago. Now that it is in the news I can let you know about it. So now I guess I need to work on getting a minor traffic infraction so I can test the sucka out.

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wilty submit FTW

Jschwa of FBI submits in some strange messed up way to make me LOL since he is a poster and could of done it his damn self, but the awesomeness prevails. I mentioned it yesterday, but I so fricking luv ya wiltenheimer. Huggles. If you want that shirt here Wanna send something for me to […]

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Might have seen potato in the comments and he runs a pretty cool blog. Local and funs. Put a link over on the side there too.

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That is the enchanted Forrest section. They have lots of views of wilderness. If you zoom in it is like riding the trail 😉

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I was wondering about the spigot on the bottom there. Building a rain barrel is easy and you should do it if you garden – especially in Nebraska or any other dry state. Obtain a 55 gallon plastic drum, preferably not used for noxious chemicals, from the Keep Nebraska Beautiful – Materials Exchange Program at […]

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super major props to FBI for this gem

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Crucial Changes photo blog

Keith sent in the very first submission to BorK. He runs a hardcore blog with a Nebraska slant. He comes to Lincoln a lot and take photos of various hc shows. Crucial Changes. Lots of really good quality photos of bands. Check it out. Thanks for submitting it Keith.

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Lula eats: food blog for a veggi kid

Lulaeats is a food blog run by a sorta relative. Looks like there is some nummy stuff there. I have a 1 year old kiddo who is a vegetarian, health nut. What can I say, she took after her momma! This is a day by day, meal by meal guide for vegetarian families or omnivorous […]

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