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with fronds like these who needs anemones ;) Thanks for the chaco tacos West A Dad


Theresa IM’d me while I was working late and said Chris had dropped off a present for me.

(05:22:01 PM) Jeeeeves: West A dad brung u a gift
(05:22:18 PM) Jeeeeves: a sack of…..
(05:22:27 PM) Jeeeeves: CHACO TACOS!!!!!!!!!!!
(05:22:34 PM) beerorkid: nuh uh
(05:22:39 PM) Jeeeeves: totally
(05:22:58 PM) Jeeeeves: i didn’t get to talk to him much cause i was on the phone with me mom at the time
(05:23:37 PM) beerorkid: awesome
(05:23:44 PM) Jeeeeves: k well i’m sure your busy, just wanted to let u know u will have a snacky treat when u get home
(05:24:51 PM) beerorkid: eeeeeeeee
(05:25:00 PM) beerorkid: joy

Theresa apologies for not being able to talk much and we thank you for the tasty treats. They pretty darn good. The cone is my favorite part of a drumstick so it was nice to not have to work through the ice cream to get to the good part. A nice treat before I head back into work. After I sucked one down Theresa asked for a taco flavored kiss 😉

Nice thread about this on the forum

Thanks Chris
little something for ya

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