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so I says to the cable guy…


I have been urging Theresa to cut the cord on cable TV for a while. Cable TV scares me because there is always a chance I will see Ray Romono. Also we are watching less and less cable and rely on Netflix and our Plex server for most content. Looks like we will now be free to cut the cord when the day arrives without breaking a contract.

We were locked into a 2 year contract with Time Warner Cable that included a land line phone. The phone part was darn annoying, but it made our bill lower. A letter came in the mail a couple weeks back from TWC letting us know that the contract was expiring. If we did nothing, the contract would renew for 2 more years. I think that is pretty sneaky, but at least we caught it.

I researched how to negotiate a lower bill and other services for about a week. Wrote up a pretty decent email and sent it to a TWC address I found on some article. The email bounced back. Finally got the nerve to call TWC last night after doing some pushups and jumping jacks. Had Theresa slap me a few times. Drank a raw egg. I was ready for a fight.

Bret from TWC Lincoln took my call. Quite the swell guy. I calmly stated:

“Our contract is up and we do not want to renew it. We would like to drop the phone service and see what we can do to lower our bill. I have searched other options like windstream and what you offer to new customers and feel we are paying too much for cable and internet through you. We have been pleased with the service though”

He was all like.. “let me see what I can offer you” He offered us the new customer price on cable and internet for a year without a contract and threw in 6 months of Showtime. Sure we now have to pay a $4 monthly fee for the modem and DVR service is going up $2 on the next bill, but it cut our bill from $157 to $118 per month. That should give us enough time to ween ourselves off the cable teat while saving money.

I am guessing being locked into a two year contract really helped me get the discounted rate, but it might be worth a call to TWC to see if you can lower your rate as well.

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