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Expensive ceiling fans are amazing



Holy cow. Our main room ceiling fan was weak compared to the ones we have recently installed in other rooms so we went to get a good one. Hit home depot and found a one we did not think we were worthy of. Hit Menards to check out their selection and then went back and grabbed the Breezemore from HD because we figured it was worth spending a bit more for a sweet looking fan.

We did not realize all the features of a top of the line fan till we got it. It has 9 fan speeds, the blades are actual wood (I think balsa), and the remote is crazy. The blades are scooped and the air force from them is insane. Theresa could not handle it on full. It is like a hurricane in the room. Just crazy air movement. It takes regular socket bulbs somehow. I thought there was a law or something. We will fill it with dimmable LEDs soon since it can dim via the remote.

It looks beautiful, but performs so much more than we imagined.

It has a breeze setting where it will go through 3 settings over time. So low – mid – high, but in 3 different settings 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 so the “breeze” changes. WTF is that? It cycles through the settings every couple minutes. So strange

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