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ugh what a week


3 emergency unscheduled visits to the vet so far.

1. we sneak pills in her food so we crushed them all in preparation and mix in her food. Apparently they taste bad and she would not eat. So we got the Rx filled again and have been fighting sneaking pills into every possible treat we can imagine. She will use the hole where her molar was pulled weeks ago to spit out pill laced treats when we force her to swallow. Her bandage was slipping so it got more secured.

2. Bandage was pretty much useless with us adding to it, so they cut it off early and we went to the cone

3. In her kennel she slipped out of the cone and pulled out half of the staples making a bloody mess. More staples and better cone securing. The doc pointed at each of us individually and called us bad dogs, frown emoticon

The drugs are messing with her poo so bad and we have to have her on leash 24/7 and she does not like #1 or #2 on leash. Canned Pumpkin got an impressive one through on day 5. Phew. Butt it has been a struggle the whole time. A poo every 2 days now. Almost done with the meds causing it

Monday she gets the staples out and the long journey begins. 6 Weeks more to go. We have her on leash 24/7 so she cannot sprint to bark at something. It would tear the muscle that was cut and needs repair. Her joint is 100% joined wise, but needs the surrounding stuff to repair.

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