the next 6 weeks are going to be ruff


Zobert is home after CCL surgery. It is basically the ACL in humans. We do not know how she tore it, but we got it fixed. Healing is going to take 6 weeks and we pretty much have to be holding her leash the whole time to keep her from running around in the house. Picked up a big new kennel with padded bed, but that is only for when we are gone. Put down some carpet on the stairs to give her some grip. For the next 12 days she will need a protective boot when going outside if it is wet or damp. After that the staples and wrap will go away.

Some good came out of this though. While shaving her they noticed she has a bad rash in her armpits. Zobert has been unbelievably itchy for years and we thought it was diet, but it seems that it is allergies like hay fever. Unfortunately she is on so many meds from the surgery that she will have to wait for the good stuff to take care of it. For now some light antihistamines and we will kick but later.

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