Burger’s smokehouse pepper bacon

burgers smokehouse bacon

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So Steve you said you were gonna find the best bacon in Lincoln, did you give up?
ummmmmm no, I am just currently overloaded with bacon. Seriously there is enough bacon in my freezer right now to kill a healthy man. Also I am a bit concerned about my current weight so I have kicked my becon consumption into low gear. I still needs my vitamin B, but there is no need to over do it.

But if asked today what is the best bacon available in Lincoln I would respond with this fine treat. I get mine at ghetto Russ’s (17th and Washington), I have not found it at super saver. The thing is it is not cured by having water injected in it. Man I hate when they do that. Most bacon is injected with a brine solution to cure it really fast. This results in a bacon that shrinks and well just is not all that good. But Burgers is dry cured, and you can tell mmmmmmm……… Slightly sweet, peppery, and a decent smokiness. It does have a little twang, but it is still pretty good.

Oh and a friend mentioned a better way to oven bake bacon. Use parchment paper. That allows it to crisp up in the fat. I was using a rack and tray that came with my toaster oven. The paper makes it better. Still, no matter what I use the useless sports page and paper towels to blott the grease off.

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