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Budweiser American Ale


I am a beer snob in some ways, but have no problem sucking down any American light lager. To me a bud light, PBR, or old style are pretty much the same thing and I will not turn any of them down. being a professional brewer for 7 years made me appreciate Anheiser Busch for being able to do what they do so well.

I have been eagerly awaiting this beer since I first heard about it. I searched all over till I heard I would have to wait till Sept 29th, so I waited. When the day came I went a searching and could not find it anywheres. Friday afternoon I headed to my parents house to cut down a tree and swung by Kong liquor. They had it and said thay had already gone through 8 cases.

I headed out to dinner friday eve with family and did not get to try it till late that eve. First impression was a delightful cascade hop aroma and caramel color. Before I took a sip I was amazed at the fact that I might actually enjoy an AB product in the next few seconds. Kinda scared me. I was not about to sip it so I took a big swig and was blown away by the flavor. Swallowed and figured out the truth about this beer. It had only a slight mouth feel and zero aftertaste. It is the pushup bra of beer. A complete letdown for me. I was all happy with the look and smell, but once I unhooked the clasp I was let down severely.

This could be a really successful beer if they lower the price point to just a bit more than their regular beers and if they sold it in cans. I would buy the crap out of it if they did that.

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