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Bread & Cup in Lincoln NE part 1

bread and cup lincoln ne

Wow. The blog coverage and hype on this place has been intense. Comments on my site, and over at Lincolnite. The word of mouth is spreading very well. My good friend Brandon’s lady friend is a prep cook there. She went off about how awesome her job and the place was. Theresa was excited to check out their cin rolls, which Candice told me are covered with a caramel glaze.

We headed down there this afternoon to check it out. The outside construction is not done, but they are open and serving great stuff. Theresa got a coffee which came as a french press single serve and enjoyed it. I got a Left Hand milk stout.

– OK just for this reason alone I am hooked on this place. First off French Press coffee is pretty cool. And they have an awesome selection of really good brews. It is prob the only place I can think of that has good coffee and beers on tap. We will be visiting this place often I am sure for just that reason.

They had some of their wheat baguette up for sample. It was divine.
bread and cup lincoln ne

We had heard so much about their cin rolls that we ordered 2 to go, a cheese plate with three diff cheeses, a few loafs of bread, and two truffles. We were not too specific about what we wanted to “go” and everything was packaged up “to go” for us. We would of liked to have had the cheese plate to enjoy there, but after getting home and seeing how much was in there, we would of gotten a to-go container for the leavings anyway. Looks like we got a super rich parm, and 2 Bleu cheeses with a whole wheat baguette sliced up to go with it.

The cin rolls look awesome. They each came with a side of the caramel sauce to go with them. They will make a great sun morn treat.

The truffles look awesome as well. Will update later on those.

The place is very clean. It is nicely laid out and although the decorations are simple, it really looks classy. Having the bread on display made my mouth water. The owner said her husband worked with La Quartier, that shows with the good bread. We picked up a chebatta loaf as well. We are now completely addicted to good local bread and I bet we will be getting a bunch from Bread & Cup.
ead and cup lincoln ne

So why is this part1? Well I have not even begun to find out how good all their different offerings are. From soups to gourmet sammiches. There is gonna be a bunch of stuff to check out. We are pretty cited to keep coming back and getting to know our favorites. From what I have heard, we will not be let down at all.

bread and cup lincoln ne

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