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bike rack on a bus?

discussion here

All, if you think bike racks on busses would be a good idea, please let Beth know asap. I know I’ve wanted this for a while. If they pick the right busses, maybe more folks will comute from the burbs.

To encourage more non-motorized traffic in Lincoln, the City of Lincoln is considering installing bike racks on city buses. As part of the City’s research into the demand for this service, I was asked to conduct an unofficial survey of potential users.

I’m sending this email to you because 1) I would appreciate your response to the following questions, and 2) I think that you might have contacts that you could forward it on to. I am hoping to find some who might have lists that could access the student populations of UNL, Wesleyan and Union College, as these would probably be the populations that would utilize this service the most. I appreciate your help!

Do you personally see a need for this service?

Would you use the bike racks if they were installed on the buses?

How often do you think you would utilize this service?

Please send your responses to Beth Thacker at by the first of February, 2007.

Thank you!

Beth Thacker

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