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Bike Parking Lot, With Attendant, Is Planned for Midtown NY


Stonehenge Management, a developer, has offered a 2,600-square-foot lot next to an apartment building it owns on the north side of 33rd Street, Mr. Biederman said.

The partnership, which is financed by businesses and property owners in a 31-block section of Midtown, has developed a preliminary design for the lot and has ordered up a prototype of the racks it would contain, Mr. Biederman said. Initially, it would hold 100 bikes, with room to expand if there is more demand, he said.

Regular users would pay a fee, but some spaces would be free, for short-term use by visitors to the neighborhood. Those fees will depend on how much the partnership can raise from a sponsor, Mr. Biederman said.

“There’s a huge demand out there for this kind of parking option,” said Caroline Samponaro, bicycle campaign coordinator at Transportation Alternatives, a group that advocates for pedestrians and bicyclists.

Ms. Samponaro said a similar concept had worked in Chicago, where McDonald’s became the long-term sponsor of a bike parking lot that charges $149 a year.

I know Lincoln has plans for this at the centrum parking garage, but has not done anything with it for 1/2 a year now. That is only a few blocks from my work, but I doubt I would use it.

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