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BC-900 is the turbo extreeeme battery charger of doom


So I bought a bunch of rechargeable batteries off ebay a while back for super cheap and unfortunately the two energizer chargers we have simply could not charge them for some reason. Well after getting a wii and other things we need some more and I saw an article on the La Crosse Technology BC-9009 AlphaPower Battery Charger saying it is amazing, it has some 500 positive reviews, and comes with 8 batteries. Had to pick it up and it is not all that much more than ones you can find in the stores.

Thing is uber fancy and can be set up to do all sorts of stuff. You can set the charge rate which allows you to fast charge or do the regular 10 hour cycle. It can drain the batteries, do a test where it charges, drains, then charges again to give you a measure of its status. And then you can recover dead ones with a lengthy cycle. The 4 slots are pretty much independant and the display lets you know what is going on for each one. Plus it loves the ones I got off of ebay. Darn cool.

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