Bar fruit is pure evil

I worked at 3 bars and a restaurant and know the evil of bar fruit very well. There are a bunch of factors that make bar fruit absolutely disgusting which I thought you might want to know.

* bar fruit containers are usually gifts from a liquor distributor and made of pretty cheap materials. usually 4-8 departments for stuff. They are a pain to clean so it probably does not happen that often.

* Most of the fruit is considered pretty safe at room temp so potential growth of nasties is hardly hampered. Acidic citrus, salty olives, preservative filled cherries. Rarely will a fruit caddy be filled with ice to slow down growth.

* Servers and bartenders are not going to use tongs or gloves to grab what they need. Most items are in a liquid of some sort which the fingers dip in to grab the fruit. We are talking maybe 20 times an hour a hand that has touched lots of really gross stuff without being cleaned are in that juice or fruit tray.

* A place I worked at would rinse the fruit left over from the day before with soda water during set up. Soda water is not magical at removing bacteria.

* The slime on fruit is gross, really gross after 12 hours or so. Your waiter or bartender really does not care about it either.

Do you enjoy a wedge of lemon with your water or iced tea when you eat at a restaurant? Well, you’ll be shocked by what this video shows. Two out of every three restaurant lemon wedges tested in a study were covered in disease-causing bacteria — including fecal bacteria. A total of 25 different, and potentially dangerous, microorganisms were discovered on the wedges.


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