bad CFS meal :(

Theresa had never had chicken fried steak and I love it. She agreed to give it a try. I researched and saw this which gave me some good ideas.

So Monday we headed to Ideal to pick up supplies. grabbed some of their ground breakfast sausage, a big chunk of sirloin. Too much stuff going on to cook it till tonight. The sirloin was a bit aged when I got it monday. Forgot butter milk so picked it up at the mexi mart on the way home. It was strangely thick and lumpy and I noticed it expired today. Did not have enough milk so T ran and got some.

I took a bite and noticed a very distinct taste. The meat had turned. I did notice a slight stink when preparing it, it looked like crap, still I tredged on. I stopped T before she ate any, but the mashed taters and sausage gravy were pretty darn good. Gonna be a long time before I try it again. Our next thing to try is a grilled chicken oriental salad. Just trying to get the dressing figured out.

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