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bacos makes my pee smell funny

As mentioned I really like bacos. (I swear I have posted about this before, but cannot seem to find it)
I was going through one container a week for a while there. I just chug straight from the jar. I guess they are a bit better for ya than bacon, but still they have some fat and calories. Made from soy, they are kosher, which is strange.

I quit cold turkey cuz I was beginning to smell bacos in my urine, serious. Well Theresa picked up some for our salad and I enjoyed a handful and some on my salad. Later that evening my pee had the bacos smell once again. I looked at the ingredients and nothing stands out as the culprit.

Ingredients: Defatted soy flour, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, water, salt, sugar, artificial and natural flavor, red 40 and other color added, soy sauce (water, wheat, soybeans, salt), hydrolyzed vegetable protein (corn, soy, wheat).

I have sent a message to Betty Crocker inquiring about this. maybe they can do some genetic testing on me and I can cure some disease or start a new craze of urine accent aromas or something.

I am quite a fan of Bac-os and have noticed that my urine will have a bacosish odor when I have ingested bacos. I was just wondering if you have heard this from anyone else or if you might have an idea what would cause that?

I know some folks have genes that will cause them to have a similar issue with asparagus.

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