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any of ya sam’s club shoppers?

(found this image searching for sams club)

I guess I should of asked before we bought a membership, but is it worth it?
And I guess I can answer it, yup if you are a smart shopper or enjoy lots of junk food.

I thought they gave out free passes for you to try them out, but nope. We could wander around and look, but just said F it and got the membership. Was kind of a bummer that you are in the electronics right away. None of the prices on electronics really impresses me. Then the hardware / furniture crap. I was starting to get worried that I just wasted $40 on the membership

But then we saw the price on the dog food we get the puppies, huge savings. Also west A dad mentioned Patron tequila was cheap there. He was correct, about $20 cheaper than I had seen it anywhere. If you know what to get it can be a heck of a deal. We will do some research before we go back out there. No matter what I will bring a pen and paper to write stuff down to see if it is a good deal.

A couple of things did bum us out. Every week we buy some filets from Ideal. being Alton Brown fans we have seen him cut up a whole tenderloin into filets and other good stuff. On the episode he mentions buying a whole loin at a big box store. We really wanted to get one one day. Sure it would cost a bunch, but we would save in the long run. Well they had a loin, but it looked nothing like the packages Alton and Ideal get. Gonna have to do some research on that. Also all the frozen prepared crap just did not impress. Maybe cuz we love making our own food from scratch, but I do not need 60 frozen burritos. Also I really did not see 5 gal buckets of crap like I thought I would. We were bummed there was not a huge container of peanut butter, cuz we wanted one.

We did pretty good being our first trip. There was tons of crap I would of bought. Some darn good deals for sure. We used restraint and only got a little bit.

– 12 pack of kraft mac and cheese
– canister of oberto beef jerky (not very good BTW)
– flat (24) of orange soda. Not much cheaper, but T needed soda
– Cabo Wabo tequila ($20 cheaper than I have ever seen it)
– 12 of my fave dish sponges
– gargantuan bag of dog biscuts
– some chips 2 bags for $5 but I think they are a bit smaller than normal bags

We will get our $40 back in by our next visit for sure. Plus we saw a bunch of stuff we will pick up next time.

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