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A repost from 2 years ago. I still agree with it all. Go finger

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Pastor Steve wondered how cycling inspires me.

well besides my wonderful wife, it is a reason to keep on going. Got one of them desk jobby things. Was a bartender, brewmaster, delivery guy, all active jobs. Kinda put on the weight, tried a gym, not my kinda thing. A good friend was really into cycling, I got a bike and it consumed me, still does.

I often refer to wilderness park as my church, I am so in my perfect environment. My smile goes from ear to ear, even when drenched in sweat and the legs are burning. I can clear my head and think really clearly while maintaing a steady pace. often on night rides I can really get some thinking done. Seeing all of the awesome nature and animals really brings peace to me, we are truely blessed to have such a beautiful planet. I enjoy my lone rides, but also love being in with a big group. The tuesday night monkey wrench rides are a blast. 20-30 bike lovers all having a good time joking around and riding. I am home there.

I like my morning commutes to work as well. I start off rather slow and hit a hill right away. Come to the busy streets and see all those people in their air conditioned coffins, waiting in line, rushing, smoking, just looking unhappy. I can reflect on how lucky I am to have a good job, live close enough to ride, not have to find a parking space, and get the blood flowing. It is only 10 blocks, but it is one of the best parts of waking up.

The freedom of a bike is quite a neat thing. I can go anywhere under my own power, I can fit places other modes of transport can’t. I get to see things that many have not. The state parks and trails around here are great. A new trail is like an adventure, and I am up for it. I take bunches of pictures.

My life is really good, I have almost no stress, healthy and loving relationships with my wife and family. My work is exciting to me, it is not a burdon. i get to communicate with different folks via the internet often, I have made many friends that way. Still riding my bike makes the little things that might bum me out simply disapear. Nothing feels as good as a finishing a long ride, it is an amazing feeling.

As many on the folks from lincoln site often refer to, it truely is a lifestyle, not just a hobby. Most I have met through cycling are severely decent peeps. Hardly any negativity flows from a bunch of folk who are activly getting out and doing some riding. I feel trapped when just sitting around in a house watching TV when I know there is some twisty singletrack dirt right outside my door.

I am sure I am going to continue to keep this lifestyle up, it makes me stronger in more ways than just physical.

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