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a bit of a break from pinball did me good

roller coaster tycoon grand champion

I am a pinball fanatic. I have two machines in my house, Pinbot and Bride of Pinbot the Machine. Yup they are husband and wife (we leave them alone all the time but have never come home to find a Jackbot). I used to know the location of every pinball machine in town. But VVS bought out the locals and well every machine was set up to maximize profit. I can still kick the machines ass, but it is lame. The outlanes are settable and VVS wants you to drain.

I was getting a tire fixed for the truck and headed to The Pub on 11th since I knew they always have a pinball machine. It was roller coaster tycoon. VVS now makes you put in $2 for 5 games. Back in the day it was 3 games for $1, but oh well. On my second game I had mastered the settings and got the highest score, grand champion, which gave me one credit. At least I had hit the replay while getting that score. I played for about an hour and left 4 credits on her.

Hmmmmm…. maybe after the meet and greet we can swing by my place and play some pinball.

EDIT: I need to mention I hardly place on machines that get used a bunch, Sometimes 3rd or so. A guy with “BER” is my nemissis. I played with him at Big Johns one afternoon on this same machine. Dude had skills. I am sloppy but can save, he was precise. It turns out his name id Bernie, it was not the short for beer.

Best game ever? Attack from Mars.

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